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We request you all to join hands to fight the pandemic and support the needy.

About Us

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Few Words About

Darul Arqam Center

 Masjid at Brønshøj torv Muslim prayer place, educational, and cultural activities center managed by Bangladeshi community was established on 2019 as Cultural organizatino.

Visit our premises to find the ultimate source of peace and happiness by submit to our creator and sustainer.

Daily 5 times prayer, weekly prayer, eid prayer, funeral, Akikah(namegivining), Quran learning, islamic dawah and many more social and religious activities are held here.

The Jamia is the #1 Islamic Center in the Country!

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Mission Statement

Islam is monotheistic religion teaching that there is only one incomparable God – Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of God. It is the world’s second-largest religion and the fastest-growing major religion in the world. Islam teaches that God is merciful, all-powerful and unique.

  • Learn, follow , spread Islam.
  • Connect to people with common faith.
  • Create a better environment for next generation.
Spread Peace

Things We Are Doing


Quran Learning

Quran Learning

Reading the Holy Quran is indeed a noble thing. For that purpose, Our Quran Schooling has designed this course to provide the students to learn the Quran. Quran Schooling offers the Quran Reading course which focuses on teaching the Holy Quran from the basic level.

Funeral Service

Funeral Service

Death is a reality that we all must face. The Darul Arqam Center provides this obligatory service to the Muslims of our community by providing burial advice and support.

Help Poor

Help Poor

Sadaqah is a contribution by Muslims in terms of money and property or goods that can help the Muslims who most need assistance. Sadaqah can be in the form of money, deeds, property, or salutations.

Kurbani Service

Kurbani Service

We do provide service for kurbani. Every year before Eid-Ul-.Adha we offer our Muslim community to be together, find suitable Slagter house and book their animals. Muslims are welcome to choose between the cow, goat, and lamb.

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